Backyard Living

We often neglect the largest room in our home, the back yard. Get out of the house, and increase your living space with the creation of a backyard living oasis. Yes, I said Oasis. No more kiddy pools with you feet emerged. No more folding lawn chairs. Create an area in your backyard that is tranquil and inviting to family and guest. Reconnect with your loved ones all over again. AAA Pools has been building dreams since 1970.

Backyard Living Concepts and Designs

Long gone are the days of a slab concrete patio with no personality or style. The backyard living experience has expanded way beyond this. You can opt for an actual structure with a roof and added screening for privacy. Replace that concrete slab with stone and brick designed with a built-in seating area or beautiful retaining wall. Or decorative concrete to which you can add your personality and admire for years to come.

Take that idea even further and include a unique feature to your poolscape or backyard living experience, where fire and water do mix. Fire Bowls, with an incorporated water feature by Grand Effects, Inc. may be just what you need to bring the drama you desire to your property. For more ideas, visit let your back yard paradise be your personal oasis. Take it even further add an outdoor kitchen to allow you to enjoy your Pool and Spa paradise while preparing meals for the family or entertaining guests. Do you have a visual yet of the backyard living area you’d love to have?

Heat and Light Choices

Make your new outdoor living area usable space all year long by adding heat and light.

Need Ideas or Patio Furniture?

We carry the full-line from C.R. Plastic Products! Commitment to quality furniture is not the lightweight injection molded stacking chairs that you’ll typically find on most decks and patios. Their products are built from solid “plastic lumber” and hand-crafted in much the same way as the classic wood designs they faithfully replicate. The end benefit is that their furniture is extremely comfortable, durable, and maintenance free while retaining the charm & quality of the original.


A Pool Without Landscaping Will Always Look Unfinished

Fortunately, we have a landscape design team that works with our pool design team to come up with the ideal combination of waterscape and landscape for your home. By designing it all at once, we can plan and build special places for unique plants and other landscape features. (It also streamlines the construction process so that when we’re finished, it really is finished.)

LED Landscape Lighting

We use and recommend Outdoor Security Lightning from CAST Lightning. CAST Lighting solid bronze landscape lighting fixtures are rugged, durable and perform optimally for decades to come. They are ideal for both commercial and residential outdoor lighting applications. CAST Lighting manufactures both outdoor integrated LED light fixtures and LED modules. Both types are replaceable. They are also water-resistant. LED landscape lights need to endure up to 20 years of environment corrosion.

CAST Lighting is the only manufacturer that can claim that their LED landscape lighting fixtures outlive the LED’s themselves.

For more information and different types of lighting options, please visit CastLighting.

To talk to someone directly about your desired backyard living space, please call our office at 540-785-7665, or send us an email at