2018 Trends for Pools

If you’ve given any thought to installing a swimming pool in 2018 the time for planning is now not in the summer when you should be enjoying the pool. Here are a few items that are trending for 2018 pool designs

How About Smart Pools – Pool Automation

Smartphone applications now enable homeowners to control their pool lights, temperature, water features right down to pool filtration with ease. In this world of got-to-have-it items, this one is a winner. Add to that LED lights which are available in numerous vibrant colors that will transform the ambiance of your outdoor oasis. Cool!

A Themed Pool

From a design standpoint, a custom themed pool created from the homeowner’s visions are often true works of art. I’ve seen pools that appear to end and start one right beside the other. I’ve seen a multitude of shapes and sizes that have been designed to perfection Inspired by the homeowner’s imagination.

Infinity Pools

You’ve all seen these infinity pools in magazines and television shows that seem to end with the skyline or mountainside. It’s difficult to determine where the pool begins and ends. Breathe taking, to say the least when built to showcase a view the ocean, lakes, and city lights. Can’t say enough.

Small Swimming Pools

Not everyone has an acre of property. Space constraints aside, you can enjoy the luxury of a swimming pool in your smaller yard. Consider a smaller modern compact pool design. You could takethat even further. Imagine an area that is entirely private with high walls and lush landscaping. Privacy at its most elegant for small yards and prying eyes.

Sun Shelves aka Tanning Edges

A sun shelf built into an in-ground pool is designed for sunbathers to sit on a shallow pool edge and lounge in the pool while soaking in the warm sun. It also makes for a perfect area for children and handicap accessibility.

Water Features

Custom water features aren’t that new, but they never go out of style. Deck jets, fountains and the beloved waterfall not only look great but also serve to add to the overall experience but also block out the unwanted street noise.

Design Elements

Mosaic tile is trendy for 2018 adding rich, bold colors to your pool design. Also trending are dark colors such as black and navy blue are being used for dramatic effect, relaxation and soothing effect.

We’ve always considered ourselves somewhat on the cutting edge and have implemented many of these elements to our designs before they were trendy.  AAA Pools has been making pool dreams a reality since 1970. Quite a track record and we enjoy what we do every day. We’d love to discuss your ideas for a pool large or small.  Contact AAA Pools for a free consultation.


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