Give Them A Gift That Keeps On Giving – Give A Swimming Pool This Year

Well, it’s that time of year again. What to give, what to give? What do you buy for your family this year? Consider the gift of a swimming pool. Why? Here are some great reasons.

Making Memories That Last

Let’s face it – These days’ time is valuable, and we are rushing here and there and spending less time together as a family. A swimming pool is a perfect place to reconnect and to create memories that will last a lifetime. Pools provide entertainment for kids of all ages (teenagers, adults and the elderly). Regardless of the activity getting together with friends and family and creating memories are priceless. WHAT A GIFT!

Health And Relaxation

Consider your health and that of your family. These days we have become couch potatoes, and our children are spending less time outside, and video games are their outlet. Remember the days of play outside all day long until the street lights came on (I’m dating myself). Get them off the couch and outside! A swimming pool offers a great cardiovascular workout with less impact on the body as running as an example.

How about relaxation? You work hard and finding time for yourself, and just vegging is a health must. As a pool owner, you can spend your time unwinding at poolside or floating in the pool with your favorite beverage at your side taking in some rays. Even better, consider walking into your backyard rather than having to pack everyone up to go to a local pool. Forget the gym too. Exercise in your pool whenever you’d like and nix the fees associated with gym memberships.

Increased Property Value

On the practical side of the equation adding a pool to your property increases the value of your home when it’s time to sell. A pool done right, is much more than a pool. These days with water features, privacy walls, fire bowls, landscaping, outdoor kitchen, and bars they are far more. We do it all, and your investment in a swimming pool has now become an expansion of your living space.

All in all a swimming pool is a gift that keeps on giving. If you want to get together and discuss your pool ideas, we’d love to help you put together the perfect oasis for you and your family for the holidays. Keep in mind that we can also help you out with pool accessories too. Consider a giant pool floaty under the tree this year as the one item everyone will focus on first and a great way to present the gift to the family. SURPRISE!

Contact AAA Pools today to schedule your free consultation and let’s get your pool under contract and scheduled.

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