Winter Pool Safety Tips

We’ve all seen the latest news on freezing temperatures throughout the area. Pool season, or at least outdoor pool season is over. But the responsibility for pool safety isn’t. Here are some necessary precautions to keep in mind.

If you have a pool that is gated/fenced

Be sure and lock your pool gate to keep absolutely everyone from pools edge. I know of a friend of mine who lives further south who had her twins boys playing outside and boys being boys were running around the pool and yes one of them slipped and fell into their open pool. Granted the temperatures there were quite a bit warmer there, but the water temperature was still cold enough for the young man’s parents to be concerned. With that in mind, that leads us to my next pool safety point.

Warn your children about hypothermia

As a goof, I mean playing around, an unknowing youth may think that falling into the pool accidentally on purpose is alright. It isn’t, and they should be educated about the dangers. In addition to drowning risks, hypothermia can set in quickly, and the bodies temperature can drop rapidly with severe consequences. If you haven’t done so, have that talk with you younger and even older children right away.

Don’t store items near pool fence

Remove items from your pool fencing that would allow someone to climb over the fence. Locks are worthless if you make access easy by leaving items close to your pools fence. Just a couple of examples are trash can and lawn furniture. Trip hazards are yet another item of concern.  When not in use, remove unnecessary items and store them properly. Swimming pools ladders/slides are just one example not to mention the temptation to “take the plunge.”

Invest in a pool cover

Winter pool covers are engineered for pool safety. They should be sturdy and held in place with straps. Should someone accidentally fall into the pool, this canvas style cover is designed to suspend the individual over the pool water rather than in it. You’ll want to check the cover periodically for wear and will want to replace it with a new one if you find tears.

Now more than ever, be ever vigilant. – Be sure and check your pool area on a regular basis. I would recommend that you check the area about every 3 or 4 days just to make sure things haven’t been tampered with or moved. Keep yourself and your family safe.